About Us

Geothermal Operations Team

Carli M. Recio, Head Technical Consultant – Over 30 years experience in geothermal project management in the Philippines; as PNOC-EDC Project Operations Manager, he served as World Bank Project Implementation officer for the 600MW Leyte-Luzon/Leyte-Cebu steam-field development, construction and interconnection project.
Maria Victoria M. Olivar, Head, Geosciences – Over 12 years experience in application of geochemistry and chemistry in the exploration, development, production and environmental monitoring of geothermal fields in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Chile (PNOC-EDC).

Erlito P. Del Rosario, Head, Environmental and Community Relations –  Over 18 years of experience in environmental aspects of geothermal development including watershed/forest management, emissions control, and community relations. 
Hilarito L. Isip, Process Engineer –Nearly 20 years experience in geothermal process engineering, from conceptual design through piping instrumentation to simulation and optimization studies for PNOC-EDC and SKM, Philippines. 
Jose V. Villena, Head, Purchasing & Logistics – over 18 years of experience in contracts and procurements, and logistics for geothermal projects (PNOC-EDC), construction and drilling industries, in the Philippines and the Middle East.